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The Jeggan Cole Memorial Foundation is a charity organization that seeks to provide various educational support for needy and deserving students in upper basic and senior secondary schools through scholarship, mentorship and service. The support will help unleash the full potential of scholars for growth, excellence and experience building and become responsible citizens.


JCMF acquired a piece of land in the rural areas of The Gambia to establish a community resource centre. Basse is located in the rural area and it is is 370 km from the capital Banjul. The resource centre when completed will provide students from over 100 schools access to educational resources beneficial to their education.

Can you partner with us to make the centre a reality?

Jeggan Cole Memorial Foundation Scholarship Program

JCMF continues with its annual scholarship award program by awarding scholarships to twenty-three students. The package include school bills, book bills uniforms school supplies, bags, shoes and socks. Students welcomed the support with enthusiasm, gratitude and greater determination to work even harder.

JCMF supports needy students who otherwise would have dropped out of school or simply pass through with no educational impact but are now being given a reason to stay in school, dare to dream big and more importantly believe in the possibility of a better tomorrow.

In 2018/2019 academic year:

  • Five scholars made the honors roll
  • Three scholars were selected school councilor or prefect
  • One student was elected vice president of their student association executive body
  • Four students graduated from high school
  • Three graduates are currently enrolled in tertiary institutions
  • As part of JCMF support, scholars, volunteers, mentors and mentees were treated to a dinner aimed at strengthening relationships and honoring our scholars.

JCMF is proud of the achievements of our scholars!

We therefor take this opportunity to thank our donors this year and at the same time wish all our students well in the new academic year.


A Gambia, where vulnerable children in our communities have equal access to education and other facilities and infrastructure for optimal development.


JCMF is committed to supporting the education of needy and deserving students through scholarship, while benefiting from mentoring and community service programs, unleashing their full potential.