Jeggan Cole (aka Jay) was a God-fearing, smart and compassionate young man with high ambitions: his brief life on this earth touched many lives. Jeggan was born in The Gambia where he grew up and earned his high school diploma. At the time of Jeggan’s illness, he was a final year post-graduate Computer Science student at the Kentucky State University.

As a student Jeggan worked at the Academic Center for Excellence (ACE) and tutored students in the area of Math. Jeggan was also involved with several internships and projects with the University of during which time he presented papers and undertook various projects related to his career. Jeggan liked to volunteer and help other people and that was amply demonstrated when as member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, he headed and participated in activities and projects such as “A Voteless People is a Hopeless People”.  He spearheaded the voter registration program and the “Go to High School Go to College” Program in which reached out to youths in the community and encouraged them to complete high school and attend college.

Jeggan also played a huge role as a liaison for foreign students during his time at the university; he helped with providing multiple resources for new students making for easier transitions. Jeggan was a go to guy who knew how to make the necessary contacts and get things done. Jeggan’s relentless pursuit for education right from a very young age and his resilience to overcome challenges contributed to his beautiful and rewarding life.

Jeggan’s commitment to service was reflected in his daily mantra: “Its time to give back.”

His love for humanity as well as animals, particularly his favorite dog Romeo, blended well with his unassuming personality and gentle nature. Jeggan was also a keen football (soccer) fan and supported Manchester United. Therefore the Jeggan Cole Memorial Foundation (JCMF) was founded to honor the memory and legacy of Jeggan: it is a tribute to a fine young man who had so much to live for but cut short to answer the home calling of his Lord and Savior.