Reaching out through


Reaching out through



The principal focus of The Foundation is its Scholarships Program, through which it awards scholarships to lower and middle school students in government schools.

The Jeggan Cole Memorial Foundation will make annual scholarships presentation to needy but deserving students that meet the criteria below. The aim is to provide such students with the ability and capacity to work through school and eventually contribute meaningfully to their community.

Interested students will complete an application form detailing educational and social background together with the names of two referees. Shortlisted applicants will be invited for an interview to explain why the applicants should benefit from the Jeggan Cole Memorial Foundation scholarship.



The JCMF Scholarship includes the following elements for each selected winner:

  1. FULL TUITION AND FEES: The scholarship covers tuition as well as laboratory and other special fees.
  2. SCHOOL SUPPLIES/ACCESSORIES: Students will receive school supplies and accessories such as stationary, uniform, bag, and shoes.
  3. SCHOOL ENRICHMENT PROGRAMMING: The JCMF funds the participation of JCMF awardees in special school programs and opportunities that are academically enriching.
  4. ANNUAL EVENTS: Part of being a JCMF Scholar is to enjoy with their fellow scholars. The Foundation hosts a variety of events for the entire Scholar community throughout the year to meet and network with Scholars from different schools. These include the following:•  A Mentorship Program- Annual reception at the JCMF House where mentor and mentee will have the opportunity to meet and socialize
    •  Community service days (scheduled at least twice a year)
    •  Annual presentation ceremony
    •  Workshop events
    •  Leadership training
    •  Fundraising events



Scholarships are awarded based on character, scholastic achievement, and community involvement. The student applicant should:

  • Be enrolled in a government school
  • Be from an Upper Basic school program and in Grade 9
  • Be from a low-income working family and also demonstrate a financial need and provide a financial statement, which shows what your family’s contribution is to your educational expenses. (Student does not have to submit an official form, can just send a statement of their financial need.)
  • Be an above average student that is disciplined, well-grounded, and shows involvement in school and community activities.
  • Be able to provide an official copy of the previous year’s academic transcript/results.
  • Be available to participate in a personal interview and general test if selected as a semifinalist.
    * The scholarship will further consider students who are sports enthusiasts.



For a hard copy of the application form please call 7113965, pick-up a copy from Brusubi/your school, or email

The student applicant must completely fill out the application form for submission to the Board of Trustees. An official copy of the previous year’s academic transcript/results MUST accompany the application form. Receipt will be given to the student  applicant upon delivery of application form and transcript/results. INCOMPLETE OR LATE APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED



The Board of Trustees will review applications on an annual basis, consult and agree on the final selection. If the above eligibility criteria are met, talk with your school administration to decide if the Jeggan Cole Memorial Foundation Scholarship is a good option for you. The application process is rigorous and the competition is intense.

  • Semifinalists will be selected from the initial pool of applicants, depending on the total number of students.
  • Semifinalists will submit 2 letters of recommendation: one from the school and the other from a family member detailing reasons for application.
  • Each semifinalist along with their parent(s)/guardian(s) will be interviewed in person in the Kombos.
  • Each semifinalist will be administered a general test in person in the Kombos lasting just about thirty (30) minutes.
  • After completion of the interview and general testing process, the total number of students accepted from the semifinalists and submitted to the Board of Trustees will be based on performance and the availability of funds.
    Letters of award will be delivered to the winners within two (2) weeks of the interview and test process.
  • Initial Winners have until end of September to accept or decline the Scholarship.



SCHOLARSHIP OBLIGATION – In order to maintain the JCMF Scholarship throughout the year, the student winner should adhere to the following requirements:

  • Provide an end of year transcript/results after final exams.
  • Maintain a good academic standing in order to continue receiving the JCMF Scholarship.
  • Participate in all of the JCMF annual events.
  • Ensure no more than 3 days unexcused absence from school.
  • Students participate fully in all school activities.
  • Maintain good behavior at all times.
  • Represent the Foundation upon request.
  • Books purchased are the property of JCMF and need to be handled with care