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 School supplies bought and collected for our scholars in the Gambia. They are due to be shipped at the end of the August, 2018.

Family, friends and well wishers came together over a meal to raise funds and launched the Jeggan Cole Foundation. During the event friends remembered Jeggan during heart warming speeches jokes and there were also somber moments too. The need to carry on Jeggan’s dreams and keep his memory alive gave birth to the Foundation. The event was well attended.

JCMF donated medical supplies to the
general hospital in The Gambia.

In our maiden scholarship award ceremony, 30 students from various lower and upper basic schools in the greater Banjul area qualified for the Jeggan Cole Memorial Scholarship award and were successfully accepted into the mentorship program. Each scholar received text and exercise books, school bags, 2 sets of uniforms, pairs of shoes, school supplies and tuition paid for in full.

Since 2014 JCMF has successfully held 4 scholarship award ceremonies.
We also support orphanages and poor families the community.

Jeggan Cole 2014-2021 – Seven Year Anniversary

Seven Year Anniversary: Counting My Blessings Through the Lens of the Pandemic. Celebrating another year into my journey of grief and healing against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic. It goes without saying that the past year has been tough with widespread...

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2019 Annual Scholarship Award Program

Jeggan Cole Memorial Foundation Scholarship Program JCMF continues with its annual scholarship award program by awarding scholarships to twenty-three students. The package include school bills, book bills uniforms school supplies, bags, shoes and socks. Students...

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Happy birthday to my son in heaven! 

Thirty-two years ago to the day,I welcomed a beautiful baby into my world.He was the joy and pride of my life And soon, became my identity. I watched him grow into a man,Just an everyday regular guyWho fussed about nothing Yet discussed everything.With a...

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JCMF Celebrates 2019 High School Graduates

What a way to go JCMF class of 2019! We are proud of you and your achievement.Sheikh Tijan Gaye, Bubacarr Fofana and Lamin Sillah are among the 2019 graduating class and we celebrate each and every student. It has been a joy watching our students grow and...

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Memoir – Jeggan’s 5th Anniversary – May 19, 2019

Remembering Jeggan O. Cole 2014 - 2019 Feeling Incredibly Blessed! In my write-up this year, I choose to view my journey through the lens of God’s incredible and manifold blessings. It is with much humility and gratefulness of heart that I say with confidence that the...

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2019 Annual Scholarship Ceremony

JCMF held its annual scholarship and award ceremony in the Greater Banjul and Basse areas on Saturday November, 17. Scholars and mentees in senior secondary schools were presented with certificates together with the usual items of shoes, uniforms,...

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Summer books and school supplies drive

For the first time ever, JCMF embarked on a summer  ‘Books and School Supplies’ drive to further support our needy scholars, mentees, volunteers and families in The Gambia.  It was an exciting and fun time to be part of a noble exercise but at the same...

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JCMF: Annual Charity Event: Random Acts of Kindness

Besides the scholarship and mentoring programs, JCMF is committed to caring for the needy and disadvantaged across the divide in The Gambia and on the fringe of our society. This is as a direct result of our faith and love toward others. This year as part...

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Greater Sense of Purpose and Hope

JEGGAN O. COLE: July 3, 1987 - May 19, 2014 FOURTH ANNIVERSARY (May 19) - TRIBUTE   It is here again! It sneaked up on me: May 19, 2018, four years to the day. What an incredible journey and what a life! At this time of the year, I find myself penning down my...

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