Supporting family and children the community

JCMF aquired a piece of land in the rural areas of The Gambia two years ago to establish a community resource centre. Basse is located in the rural area and it is is 370 km from the capital Banjul. Basse is a metropolitan town and located at the very easternmost part of The Gambia. It is known for its vibrant commercial and transportation activities in and around the region. With a population of about 20,000, Basse Santa Su serves as the regional  capital  of the Upper River Region.

The resource centre when completed will provide students from over 100 schools access to educational resources beneficial to their education.

JCMF is happy to partner with F4AF for the drilling of the borehole which will kick start the construction of the resource center project in Mansajang, Basse. F4AF is a Creative Technology Registered Charity (1176886) in the UK founded in 2017 by Mansata Kurang, a Gambian Professional living in the UK. We draw on expertise of local and international educators and advisors that facilitates the sharing of online creative content while providing grants to educational, artistic and creative projects in Africa. Our Vision is an Africa where all children have the encouragement, opportunity and resources to unlock their full creative and academic potential, enabling them to challenge stereotyped views of gender, lineage and status with regard to creative expression. To achieve this, we are on a mission toempower young professional city workers to dream big and use their creative talents in the Arts to make a positive impact on children in Africa.

The Foundation is currently in the process raising $4500 for fencing of the perimeter and the actual construction of the center.

We have raised $2000 and have $2500 more to go. 


The principal focus of The Foundation is its Scholarships Program, through which it awards scholarships to lower and middle school students in government schools.

The Jeggan Cole Memorial Foundation will make annual scholarships presentation to needy but deserving students that meet the criteria below. The aim is to provide such students with the ability and capacity to work through school and eventually contribute meaningfully to their community.

Interested students will complete an application form detailing educational and social background together with the names of two referees. Shortlisted applicants will be invited for an interview to explain why the applicants should benefit from the Jeggan Cole Memorial Foundation scholarship.



The JCMF Scholarship includes the following elements for each selected winner:

  1. FULL TUITION AND FEES: The scholarship covers tuition as well as laboratory and other special fees.
  2. SCHOOL SUPPLIES/ACCESSORIES: Students will receive school supplies and accessories such as stationary, uniform, bag, and shoes.
  3. SCHOOL ENRICHMENT PROGRAMMING: The JCMF funds the participation of JCMF awardees in special school programs and opportunities that are academically enriching.
  4. ANNUAL EVENTS: Part of being a JCMF Scholar is to enjoy with their fellow scholars. The Foundation hosts a variety of events for the entire Scholar community throughout the year to meet and network with Scholars from different schools. These include the following:•  A Mentorship Program- Annual reception at the JCMF House where mentor and mentee will have the opportunity to meet and socialize
    •  Community service days (scheduled at least twice a year)
    •  Annual presentation ceremony
    •  Workshop events
    •  Leadership training
    •  Fundraising events


For our overseas friends and family, you may make a donation to Mamie Mossan Taylor through the account below:


For local donations (The Gambia) please make cheques payable to:

EcoBank: Jeggan Cole Memorial Foundation
Account No: 0013024903494001