JCMF: Annual Charity Event: Random Acts of Kindness

September 19, 2018
Besides the scholarship and mentoring programs, JCMF is committed to caring for the needy and disadvantaged across the divide in The Gambia and on the fringe of our society. This is as a direct result of our faith and love toward others.

This year as part of our annual charitable acts of kindness, JCMF identified and donated food items to 2 needy families during the Muslim ‘Festival of Sacrifice’ – Eid al-Adha. JCMF provided each family with the following food items

  • A sack of rice
  • A sack of potatoes
  • A sack of onions
  • A sack of sugar
  • A drum of cooking oil
  • A crate of chicken

According to the Basse coordinator Musa, both families were excited expressed gratitude upon receiving the donations and endeavor to someday pay it forward. This is our fourth community charity event to families in the community.


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