JCMF/YGMF Corona Virus Collaboration

April 13, 2020

The Jeggan Cole Memorial Foundation (JCMF) recently teamed up with Young Gambian Mums Fund (YGMF) in the fight against the spread of the deadly Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) among Basse communities in The Gambia. Since washing of hands is considered one way of curbing the spread of the virus, hand washing stations were donated to communities in Basse and placed in strategic locations such as the Basse central market, central car park, and 3 garages. Each station comprises a plastic container to hold water fitted on a standing metal frame, additional buckets, bottles of bleach, and bottles of liquid soap. The aim is to encourage frequent washing of hands. 

Special appreciation goes to Mr. Musa Sanneh and Sister Donesia – our foot soldiers – for successfully coordinating the activity. JCMF is hopeful that this worthwhile and successful joint undertaking with YGMF will open up more doors for greater collaboration.

Meanwhile; stay at home, wash your hands frequently and stay safe. Remember that together we will come out stronger on.


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