The Jeggan Cole Memorial Foundation (JCMF) donates to Health Facilities and Learning Institutions

January 15, 2024
Established in 2014, the Jeggan Cole Memorial Foundation (JCMF) supports needy students through its programs of scholarship, mentorship and service. Since its debut, JCMF has supported nearly one hundred students living in the Basse and Kombo St Mary’s areas, some of whom are now studying at the University of The Gambia (UTG).

Besides it’s three core programs, the foundation is on a mission to refurbish dilapidated school libraries and restore them to a fully functional state, thereby giving students direct access to books and other facilities. Cultivating a culture of reading while developing healthy reading habits as well as core language skills is essential to the overall learning experience of a child. The Basse school library is the first to be refurbished and equipped with furniture. It is fully functional and presently seats up to thirty students.

In recent weeks, JCMF embarked on a major donation drive of hospital supplies, books and school supplies to various institutions of health and learning. Among the institutions that have benefitted from JCMF donations are, Brikamaba Health Centre, St George’s school in Basse and Methodist Marakissa Primary school. Bakau Methodist Sunday School also received Christian books, Bibles and other Bible story books. St Joseph’s Senior Secondary school, Home Economics department received cake decorating items, fabric, bundles of wool, crockery and other kitchen utensils. The final stop was the Medical school of the University of The Gambia (UTG) which received reference books, scrubs, patient and laboratory gowns.

“The entire exercise has undoubtedly been a worthwhile venture. Partnering with various institutions has been empowering and rewarding. It is our sincere hope that the donated items will be used judiciously to fill gaps of need in our learning institutions even as Jeggan’s memory and legacy remain alive,” according to the founder and director of the Jeggan Cole Memorial Foundation, Ms Pamela Cole. She further went on to thank members of the board, particularly Dr Peter and Amanda Lipsy (USA) for their continued support of the Foundation. Lastly, she expressed her gratitude to friends and JCMF alumni scholars in The Gambia that facilitated the coordination and distribution of the donated items.


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