Summer books and school supplies drive

September 20, 2018
For the first time ever, JCMF embarked on a summer  ‘Books and School Supplies’ drive to further support our needy scholars, mentees, volunteers and families in The Gambia.  It was an exciting and fun time to be part of a noble exercise but at the same time challenging.

Over a period of two months, JCMF put together a total of 29 backpacks filled with school supplies, readers, hygiene and body products, and other personal items such as T-shirt’s, socks, hats and belts.

Apart from providing additional support to our students, the objective has been to raise awareness and profile of the organization for the continuation of the work of JCMF. The drive is considered a huge success.

The items were packed into three boxes; two wardrobe size boxes and a smaller one. Shippers picked up the boxes in  August and are en-route to The Gambia. We hope to keep you posted with updates.

We are indeed grateful for the tremendous support received from all quarters throughout the period. We are thankful to God Almighty for all the wonderful provisions and looking forward to hosting another drive next year.


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