A son is born, A son is gone!

June 5, 2016
Come nigh all you who mourn

From whence you come?

North, South, East and West.

A son is born, a son is gone!


You gather together to mourn

Who is it you mourn?

Mother, father daughter or son?

Indeed for a son – a son that is gone


You gather together at dusk

To mourn the son who passed

The son for whom, mission on earth has ended

Homeward bound ascended


Many a mourner weary and worn

What grief none can tell!

The son in flight to his heavenly father

‘Welcome home my son!’


Oh ye mourners far and near

Listen to what I have to say!

My son is home with The Lord

To live and die no more


Jeggan my beloved son, sleep on

Sleep on and take your rest

Until we meet again to part no more

I love you and always will


By Mum: Pamela Cole


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