Happy Birthday Son, Forever 26

July 3, 2022

This day, thirty-five years ago,
in a faraway land, Jeggan was born.
But life’s curtains forever drawn at twenty-six.
His purpose and earthly mission accomplished
Then, just as he entered this world
And without fretting or fussing
He peacefully slipped into the night.

In that moment heaven gained a precious gift,
Forever in the presence of his Creator.
Now, when the fireflies are seen in the night Darting and frolicking across the lawn
Or the dragonfly perching on my window sill,
Telling signs that Jeggan is never far away
His presence always warmly felt.

On this very special day,
There will be no exchange of text messages.
No exciting calls or hearing his muffling voice telling me how he is getting up there in age,
And that nothing much is planned for the day.
But rather it’s a day of rituals and reflections
All in the solitude of my confined sacred space

But in my imaginary world,
I see the heavens light up, balloons flutter Gracefully in the skies, I hear blasting music,
Angelic voices singing and feet dancing away
In celebration of a special birthday in heaven All the while hoping that his forever home
Remain a place of eternal peace and rest

Happy birthday Son!
It is well. The journey continues
Resilience Boundless love Abiding faith Enduring hope


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